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  1. Third Generation Interior & Ice
    I'm trying to connect my 2017 Mini Countryman to the Mini Coonect app but my 2017 model car is no longer supported which makes some of the stereo functionality useless. Has anyone figured out a work around for this this issue? Cheers Luke
  2. MINI Interior & ICE
    Hi, Ive recently bought a 2015 Mini Cooper. As far as I can gather it has Visual Boost. I have the screen which also acts as reversing some assist. I have Bluetooth for phone and music streaming and all seems to be working well. One of the options on my screen is Mini Connected but when I...
  3. First Generation MINI One D
    Hello! I just got my new Mini Cooper yesterday after having my previous one for 17 years! I am trying to set up the Mini Connected app, but as I am a USA expat living in Switzerland with my App Store still registered to the US App Store I am wondering if the US Mini Connected app will work in...
  4. Third Generation MINI Cooper
    We're working with BMW Group to run regular tests and gather feedback to develop the app. To make that happen we're looking for real MINI drivers (preferred models: F56, F55, F54, F57, F60) with a manufacturing year of 2018 or newer to get involved. It’s important that you can use the Remote...
1-4 of 4 Results