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  1. 380cc injectors on mini cooper s r53

    General Discussion
    Hi, i have a mini cooper s r53, with 17% supercharger pulley, big intercooler, and 380cc injectors. Can anyone help me with my injectors ? I would like how to map my ecu to use 380cc, i have read that you have to map your ecu injector map, using inpa. Could someone who has done this or has any...
  2. N18 BOV please help!

    Second Generation MINI Tuning
    there seems to be alot of confusion online about whether the n18 engine can use a bov that vents to atmosphere. Forge now list this bov specifically for the n18 that vents to atmosphere. Anyone know if this works without giving fault codes?? I've been in contact with people who have this and...
  3. Mini cooper S RS53 miss fire on cylinder one

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi there, having a big issue with my mini cooper S rs53 its a 2002 with around 90 thousand on the clock. Iv encounter a issue where cylinder 1 has less than 50psi and rest are 175? Which causes the car to missfire. I have changed spark plugs an ignition coils an leads what else could be the...
  4. New to Forum

    Welcome New Members
    Greetings all, Name is Daisy. I live in Los Angeles and I have a 2005 Mini Cooper car needs a transmission rebuild. My car has been on jack stands with the transmission already taken out and has been collecting dust since February..Was wondering if anyone knows a good mechanic or auto...