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  1. MINI Engine & Drivetrain Tuning
    Hey I really want opinions on engine swapping my 09 R56 mini One to a Cooper S engine and if anyone has some good contacts to do it. Currently I have just had a few major issues occur with the car and had these fixed swiftly, mostly to do with it being such a cheap engine which is struggling...
  2. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    I have a 2009 Mini One and the indicators do not cancel after turning the corner, it requires to be manually stopped. The lane-change indication does but obviously that doesn't go by steering angle. I have access to diagnostics and live data shows the steering angle sensor working 0 degrees...
  3. Second Generation MINI One
    Hi just some background info. I have a 2008 mini one first r56 3/4 weeks ago had a an orange coolant light on my mini dash and then a red one few seconds later. Checked coolant and found out my coolant tank was EMPTY bone dry. Found some coolant topped it up but it had seem to gone again and...
  4. Second Generation MINI One
    Hi, I just bought a used Mini One and this is my first ever car. My Cigarette lighter is not working the fuse cover doesn't have clear indication which one i should check. I read in few posts that it is 15amp in F44 and 20amp in F38. I tried both and neither one worked. Could anyone help me please?
1-4 of 4 Results