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  1. Mini one 2011 juddering like it is in the wrong gear

    MINI Faults & Fixes
    Hiya, just joined so hopefully posting in the right place. I have been to a few garages and I'm being told so many different things so hoping someone else here has had the same problem. The engine light was on and the car started juddering as if I was constantly in the wrong gear. When I took...
  2. R56 2011 Mini One

    Second Generation MINI Tuning
    Hi all, Ive just bought an R56 Mini One 98 (non stop start) on a 2012 61 plate, with 1.6 engine. My question is being the 1.6, is this an identical engine to the Cooper, and can it be remapped without any difficulties to the same performance as the Cooper (around 120bhp)? I just don’t want to...
  3. Mini Gen3 one/cooper 1.5T tune

    General Discussion
    Hi, Wondering if anyone did a stage 1 tune to their 1.5T One or Cooper? How much bhp made and how much mileage it been running. Thank you
  4. B38 JB4 vs Dinantronics Elite

    Third Generation MINI Tuning
    Hello, I have just purchased a '15 F56 1.5T 3 cyl with a manual trasmission. Looking to add more power I came across this 2 options: Burger Motorsports JB4 and Dinan's dinantronics elite. I really don't know which is a better option. Also it's important to have into consideration that in the...
  5. Aux and parking sensors dead?

    Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Hi! I’m new to the forum and I’m finally an owner of a 2010 Mini One!! however, I am having a few issues! So, when I bought my mini he radio was dead, I then bought a used replacement for it and had it fitted. The radio itself works perfectly fine but I can’t seem to get the Aux to play...
  6. For Sale - 2005 Mini One R53, Black, 1.6, Manual, £1400

    MINI2 Classifieds
    Mini One R53 1.6 Petrol 119,000 miles August 2005 Build Date 2 Previous Owners 2 Keys MOT due: 08/01/2021 Full Service History: 25/04/2006, 11,447 miles - Oil Service (Mini) 25/07/2007, 33,012 miles - Inspection I, Brake Fluid (Mini) 13/05/2008, 53,873 miles - Oil Service (Mini) 15/06/2010...
  7. Infotainment system has been reset after battery recharge.

    Second Generation MINI One
    Hello, today i needed to use the jump lead to start the car as the battery was flat. It operated by the RAC mechanic from the insurance. Well the reason why the battery died is not a main problem, its been sorted. But after recharged the battery for few minutes, there were some changes in the...
  8. Mini One 2008 strange behavior on Idle

    First Generation MINI One
    Hello to everybody, I am first time on this forum, our mini one starting to have some problems and after googling for some time, I've decided to join forum, maybe someone here had same problem, and can give me a hint about this problem. We have noticed strange behavior on our Mini One 2008...
  9. R50 Passenger Side Door Sealed Shut HELP!

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi all, After looking around for a while I can't seem to find my exact issue anywhere so I was wondering if anyone could help? My passenger side door on my 2005 R50 is sealed shut, after numerous attempts to open it via the interior and exterior handles (both of which have no effect). I'm not...
  10. Tire Confusion.

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi guys. I'm having a bit of a confusing time finding the correct tire size for my Mini One. The tires currently on the car are 175/65R 15 88H XL. After Summer, start of november, I'm buying a new set full Set of Michelin Crosscliment Plus which will benefit both myself and my partner. My cars...
  11. Mini one won't restart after stalling??

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    Hi, My new mini one (2010) drives really well apart from two incidents where I think I stalled and wasn't able to restart it. Both times I think I went into first gear from second too early when coming into a car park and the engine cut off (without jolting), and then when I tried to restart the...
  12. Can someone tell me how to install the spotlight brackets for my mini one

    First Generation MINI One
    I have bought some spotlight brackets for my mini one ( photo below ) and i am not sure how to install them. if someone is able to give a quick explanation how I can install just the brackets that would help a lot. thanks