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  1. AC not working

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    Hello all, I've recently purchased a 2002 mini cooper, everything works absolutely great with no problems... all but the AC. As summer is coming up it's something that I would like to fix by then, I've checked the compressor clutch and that's working fine, the compressor spins and stops via the...
  2. R50 Dashboard Fault

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi, I was recommended to come here, rather than spend a fortune at a bmw dealership garage. My dashboard keeps flickering and turning on/off. There is an eml on, with a dashboard connection error code showing. This appears after the dashboard has flickered. Apparently I should find someone with...
  3. 2002 Mini Cooper base R50 - NYC

    MINI2 Classifieds
    Open to offers. Would consider a trade for a motor bike. I’m based in NYC. Car is very rarely used. Had it since 2005. Garaged in NJ now as I’m traveling a lot. It Runs. Had a lot of suspension work done a couple years ago. Top strut mounts, bilstein shocks, ball joints etc... feels pretty good...
  4. R50 Amplifier install

    MINI Cooper
    Please can someone help me, I’ve read through a few posts on here on how to get a power cable for my amplifier to run through the glove box to the battery(via the firewall) if this is best way to do so? I’m struggling to see where to get the cable through any grommets plus I can’t see where...
  5. Is the stage 1 fan resistor built into the R50 non AC cooling fan?

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hello, In the process of diagnosing why the stage 1 fan doesn't come on my 2001 Mini One, fuses seem fine and relays I switched about in the engine bay. Been through plenty of articles here, and most point to a resistor and a repair kit (stage 2 fan came on during the heatwave recently while in...
  6. Mini R50 BMW scanner 1.4.0

    First Generation Interior & Ice
    Hello Members, Hope that this is not a re-post, but i have not found anywhere this issue mentioned. I am the proud owner of a MINI R50 2004 1.6 petrol engine and it is a great car. I also have an BMW 3 series 2003 diesel engine and I have for it the BMW Scanner 1.4.0 diag tool. It is stated...