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  1. P0302 misfire in cylinder 2 fault code

    MINI One
    I changed the spark plugs as part of a service on my 2003 mini one, ever since then it started misfiring and stuttering etc.. I put the old plugs back in to check the plugs weren’t at fault and it’s still doing the same, I just run a compression test and as I pulled the plugs out plug number 3...
  2. 2010 1.6 D Really bad jolt at 2300 rpm

    Second Generation MINI One D
    When accelerating our 2010 Mini 1.6 D gets to 2300 revs it gives a severe jolt, it's like switching the key off and on really quickly. It happens when it up to running temp, it accelerates smoothly up to 2300 gives a big jolt then continues on smoothly. There are no fault codes and a local...
  3. Mini Cooper R56 engine error code P111B

    MINI Faults & Fixes
    Hi, Scan code presented P111B (Mass or Volume Air Flow via O2 Sensor Too Low Bank 1) Car is misfiring and rough. I have added two Youtube links with engine audio that I have recorded: Can anyone give me a direction of what kind of issue am I facing with my Mini Cooper 1.6 Petrol R56 2007...
  4. Intermitant misfire and heating not getting hot (happening together or both fine)

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    So - My 2007 Mini Cooper S (1.6 Turbo) Has developed some rather strange symptoms, it will run completely fine one day, full of power, no misfire and heating is really hot. The next day it will hesitate when accelerating, jerking, almost bogging down and at the same time the heating will stop...