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  1. Welcome New Members
    Hi! I just purchased my first Mini about two weeks ago. It is a 2011 Mini Cooper S (r56, n18) with 29,800 miles on it. The car is chili red with white mirrors and a white roof. Also, is there anything I should be aware of with this year and model? I have a 90 day warranty and can have anything...
  2. Welcome New Members
    Hi everyone New Mini Cooper owner here 59 plate (2010) R56 (I think) I love my car but currently I am having issues and want to learn a little bit more about how to look after my car, detect early issues, anything I can do to improve my car and anything else you all suggest. I bought my car...
  3. Welcome New Members
    Hello mini lovers! I am Bregtje and I am new to this forum! Lastweek I bought myself a Mini Cooper s convertible from 2009. I hope I will enjoy it for a long time and I hope I can find a lot of answers here :)
1-3 of 3 Results