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  1. MINI Faults & Fixes
    hello, just bought a new to me! r53 Mini cooper with 115,xxx miles on it. Like the title says it will not crank or start. Turn the key all lights turn on maybe one click and it shuts off. At the guys house he has the battery on charge and it crank for a few seconds then died like the battery was...
  2. MINI Faults & Fixes
    Bought a cheap run around because i needed a car to go see my sick grangparents in england, i knew the car was not running when i bought it, but what i got from the owner it was a starter motor issue, so i chaged that, still not starting, so i changed the ECU, BCM, ignition, door locks etc (all...
  3. First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Stopped at dollar store, pulled up, parked and went inside. Was there about 45 minutes, got back in car and wouldn't crank! Only turned over! Have changed fuel pump, fuel filter, coil pack....turns over but won't start! No fire to engine!! Can't afford to keep hoping and trying to replace or...
1-3 of 3 Results