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  1. Maintenance & MINI Care
    My wife just purchased a 2014 Countryman S. I've been a mechanic my entire life, and I've never been more confused about the type of engine oil to use in this vehicle. I've read the manual and several threads here dating back to 2002. The owner's manual says I can use: 0W40 0W30 5W40 5W30 Then...
  2. Maintenance & MINI Care
    Hi Everyone, Just looked under our R60 2.0 Diesel Countryman Auto to do oil change and cannot see oil drain plug as whole engine appears to have under tray cover with no access holes?? Am I correct in assuming that this whole cover needs removing to do simple oil change? Thanks Dave
  3. MINI One
    How to video : changing the engine oil & filter on a 1.6i (R56)
  4. Maintenance & MINI Care
    Hi folks I'm ha ING a dilemma, just bought the car a week ago and I love it. Has serious history with it and be well cared for. Anyway I searched and searched about oil to top up till I get a full service done because it was low and didn't wanna mess up the timing chain so after looking decided...
  5. MINI Cooper Diesel
    My car was running perfectly then when I got it back from the service it seems to have a slight flat spot. First thing in the morning is the worse. When I start my car and stay stationary for a few minutes I get a dip on my RPM needle (every 10-15 seconds). Its a slight stutter in the engine as...
  6. MINI Countryman
    Greetings... New Mini owner here in NY. I am looking for help/video/pdf on how to do an oil/oil filter change on a Non-S, All 4 2017 Mini Countryman. Any help/link would be greatly appreciated. Is there a repair/service manual available for this car? Thanks to all. Bill
1-6 of 6 Results