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oil leak

  1. HELP easy OIL leak diagnosis

    Second Generation MINI One
    Hi Guys, I am new to this as owned my car for only just over a month. So gonna give it my best shot I have a Second Generation (R56/57) 2007. I noticed a slight oil leak, today and was wondering if anyone knew or had any Adivse? (See Video's/Sreenshot) Video This is Directly Under the middle...
  2. R56 Auto Oil Leaks

    Second Generation MINI Cooper
    Hi appreciate if someone can provide confirmation/validation on what appear to be two recent and seemingly different oil leaks that I'm seeing per pics when facing the R56 Cooper auto at 90k: No error codes. Replaced the solenoid for an aftermarket one a few months back. Leak 1: Right hand...
  3. R56 2008 Cooper Non s Oil Leak HELP!

    Second Generation MINI Cooper
    So i've had my 2008 Cooper for some time now and ive ran into an issue when trying to fix an oil leak. About 6 months ago i gave my brother the car to use for about a week or so and during that time it had a huge coolant leak and after a long journey in that week the engine basically blew up...