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  1. Mini One red oil light flashing

    MINI Faults & Fixes
    hi, I have a mini one 1.4 2007. Over the past week the red oil light has appeared on the dash after driving for 15 mins and constantly flashes up while idling. I’ve checked oil levels. The engine runs fine and the drive is smooth any ideas? Not an expert here so easy explanations please. Thanks!
  2. N14 Engine Oil Pumps interchangeable?

    Second Generation MINI Cooper S
    Dear Cooper S community, as many of you I do also have some Oil Pressure Issues with my 2008 Cooper S. Mileage is about 120,000 Kilometers. The Oil Pressure Light comes on on idle once the Oil has reached a certain temperature or after about 10 Minutes of driving. If I slightly hit the gas and...
  3. BLUE SMOKE FROM EXHAUST....Full Service and 02 sensor replaced,

    Second Generation MINI Tuning
    Hi, i have a Mini Cooper S (2007) Recently have a full service and had 02 Sensor replaced ... but noticed i am getting heavy puffs of blue smoke from the exhaust is sat idling for a while... it does wear off after the initial acceleration and disappears once driving normally.
  4. Carbon in mini cooper cylinder head

    General Discussion
    Hi All I have just recently bought an mini cooper s 2007. Its done 81000 miles and runs really sweetly. Having a further look inside the cylinder head with a torch today it looks like the previous owners were more than mean when changing the oil. Although it runs well it looks hideous and...
  5. HELP easy OIL leak diagnosis

    Second Generation MINI One
    Hi Guys, I am new to this as owned my car for only just over a month. So gonna give it my best shot I have a Second Generation (R56/57) 2007. I noticed a slight oil leak, today and was wondering if anyone knew or had any Adivse? (See Video's/Sreenshot) Video This is Directly Under the middle...
  6. MCS R60 engine overheating

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    I’ve got a stock ‘14 MCS R60 and on a 20-mile trip to a friends’ place I noticed the smell of ever so slightly burnt oil after a vigorous motorway run. I was cruising so I opened the windows, put heating on max and switched off aircon to cool it down. No warning light, no smoke, just the smell...
  7. High oil pressure at idle & oil pressure light on/off

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi guys, Newby here! I have been reading a lot about the new Mini since buying one this year. But haven't read my issue yet. I have never asked anything on a forum yet, so bare with me here. :) The problem: The oil pressure light has been coming on and off at idle while the engine is warm...
  8. Oil in Coolant Resevoir

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    I have a 2008 mini clubman cooper engine code N12B16A. A couple of days ago the temp light came on amber just as I arrived home, the next day it came on amber and then red and I took it straight to the garage I normally use where they identified oil in the coolant expansion tank that has...