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  1. MINI Exterior
    Hi there, The lacquer on the roof of my 2008 Mini One has peeled quite badly (see pic) - I took it to BMW and they confirmed it's the original paint, however they only have a 3 year paint guarantee so they can't cover it. They also confirmed that the bonnet had been repainted at some point (I...
  2. MINI One
    Hi Everyone, Just got our MINI One 1.2 on a 64 plate and it's great. Only complaint is lack of parking sensors! Does anyone know if the car wiring is present to accept the OEM parts if I get them from the stealers? Is there any programming needed to be done to make the car recognise them after...
  3. MINI Engine & Drivetrain Tuning
    Hi everyone I hope you can help. I bought my car over a year ago, got MOT done 3 weeks ago and O2 sensor replaced. The next day, heating wasn't working and car made a loud sound and died whilst driving. Took it to garage who said compression has gone in cylinder one, all the other cylinders...
  4. Delivery, Shipping & Order Tracking
    Hi, I have recently bought a 2010 Mini One and i want to make it look generally a bit nicer in terms of the exterior and I was thinking of possibly putting a cooper s style bumper/bonnet on it. Is this actually possible to do? And would the parts fit?
  5. MINI Faults & Fixes
    hi, I have a mini one 1.4 2007. Over the past week the red oil light has appeared on the dash after driving for 15 mins and constantly flashes up while idling. I’ve checked oil levels. The engine runs fine and the drive is smooth any ideas? Not an expert here so easy explanations please. Thanks!
  6. First Generation Interior & Ice
    I have a 2002 mini one 1.6 petrol. I’m trying to fit an aftermarket stereo. After finding harness that claims it fits my mini, it doesn’t. Does anyone know the correct harness needed to fit this one? Thank you in advanced!
  7. MINI2 Classifieds
    Mini One R53 1.6 Petrol 119,000 miles August 2005 Build Date 2 Previous Owners 2 Keys MOT due: 08/01/2021 Full Service History: 25/04/2006, 11,447 miles - Oil Service (Mini) 25/07/2007, 33,012 miles - Inspection I, Brake Fluid (Mini) 13/05/2008, 53,873 miles - Oil Service (Mini) 15/06/2010...
1-8 of 8 Results