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  1. Countryman PHEV - Daytime Run/Fog lights

    MINI Countryman
    Be gentle folks... Just took delivery (UK) of a PHEV. Its a lease/company car and I specifically requested front fog lamps. The car appears to have been delivered with the LED Daytime run lights, and from a few youtube videos these appear to have a fog light function (unless there are 2...
  2. Countryman PHEV

    MINI Countryman
    Folks, I am in the middle of negotiations with concessionary to buy a PHEV Countryman 2018 zero kilometers, with a great discount. I have always wanted a Mini and I think that this is a great opportunity to get one with all the perks + PHEV in a good price. I am new to PHEV world, so...
  3. New member, about to order first Mini F60

    Welcome New Members
    Hi everyone - after a decade of Toyota I'm about to order my first Mini, the F60 Countryman PHEV. I'm a long-term hybrid user, familiar with the pros and cons of hybrid and PHEV technology - but not when applied to Mini. Test drove latest Toyotas, & the new Subaru XV E-Boxer, but the Countryman...
  4. PHEV Sat Nav & MPG

    MINI Countryman
    Hi, I’m taking deliver of a Mini Countryman SE next month. Have a few questions, will start with something easy. My journeys should be no more than 50 miles per day, usually no more than 22 miles. To get the best MPG with the electric motor, can I input a return trip in to the sat nav and...