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  1. Second Generation MINI Cooper
    I have been trying to get my 2009 cooper project to run properly for a couple weeks. Upon first start the idle is lumpy but eventually smooths out. The vanos position and eccentric shaft position move around with revs and load as they should. Actual and commanded values are within 1 degree. The...
  2. Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    So in January I bought a 2007 Mini R56 with the N12 and auto trans from an auction for my fiancé. I buy from auctions a lot without troubles. This has been the only thing to haunt me so far. It needed a timing by chain and I wasn’t worried about it. All that was fixed. She drove it some. But it...
  3. Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi brand new to the site so I appreciate there might be loads of articles and stuff in relation to this. Believe me I have already read a lot of them. But, I’m hoping someone might be able to tell me exactly what the issue is because I’m losing my mind. first things first. Bought the car 2nd...
1-3 of 3 Results