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  1. Tritec vs Prince

    First Generation MINI Cooper S
    I heard from my local mechanic who has repaired many of my old BMWs that the Turbocharged 1.6 Prince engine is not the most reliable engine. Had one case where it took 3l of oil for 100km. Has someone had similar issues with the Prince engine? How does it compare to Tritec, any experience?
  2. About to buy our first (2nd hand) mini

    Welcome New Members
    Hi Everyone! Thought I'd sign up as my wife and I put a deposit down on our first mini over the weekend and we're due to collect it on Thursday. The car will be for my wife, as she needs something larger, newer and more reliable than her current 2004 VW Beetle. We came across a 1.6l petrol...
  3. Mini One 1.4 death rattle

    Second Generation MINI One
    Hi. I decided that I want to buy a second generation Mini, however I've discovered that the early Petrol models had terrible timing chain issues causing what is now known as death rattle. All of the issues I found online were with the 1.6 Petrol Minis, mainly the Mini Cooper S. However, since...