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  1. Trunk lock stuck with a glove.

    General Discussion
    Hi guys, My glove was stuck with the trunk lock. I cannot open the trunk at this point and it shows that the trunk is open and I cannot use the rear camera. I have a 2017 2 door mini cooper hatchback. Is there any way to open the trunk and get the glove out of it?
  2. Starting problem starting to ANNOY me.

    First Generation MINI Cooper
    Hi, firstly I'm new here and have a very basic mechanical capacity. My 54 plate Mini Cooper has developed a starting problem over the last 3 months. I came out and turned the key and nothing but a single click. I immediately thought battery and bought a new one for £90. I fitted it and it...
  3. Soft top problem

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    I have a 2005 Cooper S cabriolet. I have away from home For 2+months so disconnected the battery. All good when I reconnected but the roof will only go back to stage one and not fully down. Any advice on what I need to do would be much appreciated. Debbie
  4. Acceleration Issue !

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Mini Cooper S R53 JCW 2002 101k Miles Hi Everyone! The car seems to start and run fine until recently i have had a problem with accelerating. If i accelerate hard or sharply in any gear at any speed the car seems to lose power briefly and stutter, like its struggling. However, if i accelerate...
  5. Mini Cooper (non S) engine knocking noise

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    My car (Mini Cooper 2008) is making a loud knocking noise at idle. The noise is not present when the engine is cold, but starts after a few minutes driving. Here is a video of the noise: The car has only driven 47 000 miles, works well and uses normal amounts of oil. The previous owner told...
  6. Battery Light Problem

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    Hi All, Newbie here with a problem that 2 mobile mechanics have been unable to solve, I have a 2004 Mini One R53. About 4 weeks ago on the way back from work my Battery light started flashing on and off at approx 8 second intervals. By the time I got home, approx 3 miles later, it was flashing...