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  1. R52 Lowering Springs

    Welcome New Members
    Hi, I’ve never had a mini before, I’ve also never lowered a car before! I’m looking to lower the R52 about 30-40mm does anyone know if any other springs will fit, like maybe R53 or something? Maybe another car brand? thanks hahah
  2. R52 Front Bumper Trim

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone, Have just bought a 2007 Mini Sidewalk - love it! It has a small bit of damage to the front bumper from the previous owner - see attached. The first order of business is replacing that piece of trim which is missing. From googling around and also eBay, it seems to suggest that the...
  3. Best news ever for convertible owners!!!

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    My convertible had issues where the top wouldn’t open beyond the sunroof; the roof would unlatch then just stop, needing a reset to close it back up, etc. On two occasions where the roof dropped fully, it wouldn’t respond to the buttons to close again and had to be closed manually. I checked...
  4. HELP, dealership techs seem to be giving me the run around

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    So my 05 r52 Cooper S has been sputtering for the past two weeks. I did 2 fuel treatments to rule out water in the fuel and the car eventually starved for fuel and died on me while I was on the interstate last Saturday. Got the report back from the dealership today and nothing even remotely...
  5. Checking oil level on R52 Cooper S Cabrio

    First Generation MINI Cooper S
    I have tried searching the forums but cant find an answer. The dip stick has a strange looking orange plastic bit on the end making it difficult to tell how much oil is in the car. So far have removed the stick, wiped it, re-seated it for a couple of seconds and then removed to have a look...
  6. Mini Cooper S 2006 Automatic Gear Selector Issue

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi, I have a Mini Cooper S 2006 which has an automatic Gear Selector issue. The problem is, the gear selector has developed a new position between Neutral and Drive location on the gear selector where the gear selector will engage. On the cluster, the car will show in Drive but the gear...