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  1. New to R53

    Welcome New Members
    Howdy folks. New to the forum and new to the Mini. Always been a BMW guy but just traded my 1988 E30 automatic for an 2003 R53 manual. Looking forward to all the mini nuances. Bob
  2. 2004 R53 Ignition Issue - after major service

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi All Long time view but first time posting. I bought this MCS last Novemeber knowing it needed a major service (slight oil leak, supercharger oil change, brakes, etc). I've done all these now and have come to stating the car back up (after 8 months!!! blame COVID and work) to bleed the...
  3. cold start and rough idle R53

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    2006 R53 Cooper s when starting in the morning it doesn't start first time, the engine cranks but it won't start however it starts immediately on second attempt, this doesn't happen any time other than the first time its driven in the day. I can go back to the car 6 hours after driving it and...
  4. Sunroof, A/C & Remote locking Not Working

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hello, I got a 2004 MCS, ac button doesn’t illuminate or work. Sunroof works perfectly only when connector is unplugged and replugged, this does not work when the car ignition is ON, only works when the car has been turned OFF. And finally Remote control locking doesn’t work. Could it be a BC1...
  5. How much is a R53 JCW 210 really worth?

    First Generation MINI Cooper S
    Hi all, My first post on here. I've been the proud owner of a late 2006 JCW 210 for a couple of years now. I bought it for £2700 and had a feeling it was a bit of a bargain... I'm now considering selling as I'm going to be renovating a house and need a bigger car for the trips to B&Q, etc. I'm...
  6. Emissions light and ASC

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    I recently bought a 2006 cooper a r53 and found that after driving for around 5 minutes the emissions light comes on as well as the ASC and both stay on till I turn the car off. When I turn the car back on the asc light goes out but the emissions light will stay on for 3 ignition cycles. Does...
  7. R53 ecu, key and immobilizer swap???

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi everyone! I'm new here, never did a forum before so here it goes.. I have an 02 r53. A year ago I damaged my transponder chip so my car does start, won't even turn over. My question is if I can take they key, ignition, ecu and immobilizer from another 1st Gen and put them all in my car. I...
  8. Finally a budget big brake option? Cheap(ish)

    First Generation MINI Cooper S
    I’ve make and tested some prototype brake brackets that allow cheap(ish) Porsche 986 brembo callipers to fit the r53 with cheap(ish) GP discs. Tested today at goodwood with ferrodo pads and stopping power was awesome, no fade at all (unlike the stock cooper s brakes that faded within 2 laps)...
  9. R53 Coilovers on R56

    General Discussion
    Hi all, I saw a few threads on the internet, maybe even one on this site. Are you able to fit R53 Coilovers on an R56? I think there was mention of needing a bushing? Any info is appreciated :) Thank you!
  10. No Power Over 4000 RPM

    MINI Cooper S
    I have a 2005 Mini Cooper S. I just replaced my supercharger pulley with a 15% reduced pulley with a +2% ATI Crank pulley. I got NGK BKR8EIX sparks plugs and a 1360mm serpentine belt to complement these upgrades. I have noticed that I have no power of 17 PSI of boost. Looking at the...
  11. R53 head gasket or block? Garage ripping me off ?

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    I need help. I know nothing about cars or engines, but I love my mini cooper s. The car over heated 1 time, I pulled over and luckily I had some water in the car so topped up the coolant to find it was totally empty. So over the next few weeks I kept an eye on the coolant level and it was...
  12. Acceleration Issue !

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Mini Cooper S R53 JCW 2002 101k Miles Hi Everyone! The car seems to start and run fine until recently i have had a problem with accelerating. If i accelerate hard or sharply in any gear at any speed the car seems to lose power briefly and stutter, like its struggling. However, if i accelerate...
  13. 2003 r53 clutch issues

    MINI Engine & Drivetrain Tuning
    I have 2003 r53 supercharged coop...I have had the car for a few years now. But my clutch went out after the 2nd year. Since I had AAMCO in Las Vegas do some work on it and I've gone thru 3 clutch jobs since they touched my car. And a used trans put in. I am stuck won't go into...
  14. For Sale - 2005 Mini One R53, Black, 1.6, Manual, £1400

    MINI2 Classifieds
    Mini One R53 1.6 Petrol 119,000 miles August 2005 Build Date 2 Previous Owners 2 Keys MOT due: 08/01/2021 Full Service History: 25/04/2006, 11,447 miles - Oil Service (Mini) 25/07/2007, 33,012 miles - Inspection I, Brake Fluid (Mini) 13/05/2008, 53,873 miles - Oil Service (Mini) 15/06/2010...
  15. Help! Car won’t start!

    MINI Cooper S
    I drove my car fine this morning, stopped at a shop, locked it and did what I needed to. When I came back it unlocked and the dashboard lit up in position 2, as soon as I turned the key to start it, everything died: no lights, no turn over, nothing. I’ve called breakdown but they have their own...
  16. Tritec vs Prince

    First Generation MINI Cooper S
    I heard from my local mechanic who has repaired many of my old BMWs that the Turbocharged 1.6 Prince engine is not the most reliable engine. Had one case where it took 3l of oil for 100km. Has someone had similar issues with the Prince engine? How does it compare to Tritec, any experience?
  17. New to Forum

    Welcome New Members
    Greetings all, Name is Daisy. I live in Los Angeles and I have a 2005 Mini Cooper car needs a transmission rebuild. My car has been on jack stands with the transmission already taken out and has been collecting dust since February..Was wondering if anyone knows a good mechanic or auto...
  18. what is the white connector on radio harness?

    First Generation Interior & Ice
    So, I've just gone and upgrade my R53 radio and got the adapter harness. However there a white connector with 3 wires going to it, but the adapter doesn't connect to it. So my question is what is the white connector used for? (R53 Facelift with steering wheel control)
  19. 2004 MCS R53 SRS light

    Welcome New Members
    Hello all, This is my first post so please be gentle. I'm hoping that there is a wealth of knowledge here to help me fix my MCS. I'll explain my current situation, apologies if its a bit long! I purchased my MCS in Feb this year as a bit of a project. I just didn't know how much of a...
  20. R53 Spontaneous Fault - Almost Caught Fire!

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi, We have a 2006 R53 JCW - build date is 04/2006 with approx 121,000klms on it. The vehicle has been fastidiously maintained and cared for all its life, and it's non-modified and unmolested. All engine bay, bodywork & trim are still like new, and the vehicle is spotlessly clean throughout...