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  1. R55 Central Brake light failed

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    Hello, The central LED brake light is no longer working on my trusty 09 clubman. After scouring the internet I wanted to ask: 1. Could I try changing a fuse (if yes, which one?), or do all three lights have the same one? 2. Anyone have a recommendation from where to buy a replacement light...
  2. Cooper Blower motor and heated screens not working

    Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Hi I recently purchased a 2009 R55 Cooper D with the auto climate I have noticed that my heater blower motor isn't working, neither is my heated front or rear screens. The climate control display and lights are working fine though. I have tried a different heater resistor, (albeit a used one...
  3. PCV Valve Mini Cooper 2007 R55 help needed!

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi all, I have searched and searched for help with this but I can't find anyone who gives instructions on replacing the PCV on an R55. There's plenty of info on the R56, but the turbo engine has a totally different PCV cover. So I am trying to remove the PCV cover on my 2007 R55 cooper but I'm...
  4. About to buy our first (2nd hand) mini

    Welcome New Members
    Hi Everyone! Thought I'd sign up as my wife and I put a deposit down on our first mini over the weekend and we're due to collect it on Thursday. The car will be for my wife, as she needs something larger, newer and more reliable than her current 2004 VW Beetle. We came across a 1.6l petrol...