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  1. Driver side window regulator 07 MCS

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    R56 2007 Cooper S My cable has almost snapped on OS window regulator and needs replacing... My window is down about 3 inches and won't go up any further. The cable was stripping and getting tangled. The rest of the regulator is fine, (expect maybe the two bolts holding in the glass want...
  2. N18 BOV please help!

    Second Generation MINI Tuning
    there seems to be alot of confusion online about whether the n18 engine can use a bov that vents to atmosphere. Forge now list this bov specifically for the n18 that vents to atmosphere. Anyone know if this works without giving fault codes?? I've been in contact with people who have this and...
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    General Discussion
  4. 2007 Cooper S Cold Start Issue / Runs fine

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi everyone, For the past months my Cooper S has difficult start-ups when cold (in the morning or after a few days): sometimes stalls 1 or 2 times and iddle is irregular (400-1200rpm) for a minute before everything comes back to normal. It runs fine.. changed spark plugs and ignition coils...
  5. Mini Cooper R56 engine error code P111B

    MINI Faults & Fixes
    Hi, Scan code presented P111B (Mass or Volume Air Flow via O2 Sensor Too Low Bank 1) Car is misfiring and rough. I have added two Youtube links with engine audio that I have recorded: Can anyone give me a direction of what kind of issue am I facing with my Mini Cooper 1.6 Petrol R56 2007...
  6. Cooper Blower motor and heated screens not working

    Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Hi I recently purchased a 2009 R55 Cooper D with the auto climate I have noticed that my heater blower motor isn't working, neither is my heated front or rear screens. The climate control display and lights are working fine though. I have tried a different heater resistor, (albeit a used one...

    MINI Cooper Diesel
    Hi i am new here and I do not know how to solve my problem, when i cold start my car it goes into limp mode but i can immediately restart car and everything is normal. Anyone know how to solve this??
  8. Cooper S with JCW Rear exhaust silencer

    General Discussion
    Has anyone fitted a jcw backbox to their Cooper s? Just wondering on noise difference, sounds, more pops and bangs? It’s for a 2013 R56. Also if anybody knows where to get one from that would be a massive help. Cheapest I’ve found new was on minigenuineparts for £450 but I’ve seen old posts on...
  9. 2009 r56, key in, no ignition, help plz

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Evenin all, I've searched the forum's and can't find the bit I need help with, Worked fine, all of a sudden after being sat few weeks. Locks and unlocks, put key in dash and nothing, DEAD, doesn't release steering lock, had battery on charge, even had jump leads on it from my other car as...
  10. Missing ambient temperature sensor

    MINI Faults & Fixes
    My daughters mini (2011 R56 cooper) has been reading -40 outside air temperature, we are not sure when it started, it might have been there since she bought it. Anyway she got a replacement and brought it round to me so I could help her. Got the bumber off but where the sensor should be at the...
  11. Mini Cooper R56 Died Completely after Driving for 2 Minutes

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Ok, So this is first time over an year that this happened. I was driving the Mini and when I took a turn the Mini died completely! Like complete dead. I thought it could be battery but the batter was fine when I checked and even jump started. This quite strange and potential hazard on the road...
  12. R56 CooperD turbo troubles

    General Discussion
    Hey all, I've had a 2008 R56 Cooper D for just over a year now and have non stop issues with the turbo. Ever since i bought it i would notice a loud fan noise coming from the engine bay after stopping, assuming it was the turbo, and didnt think much of it. Then one day I was in Mcd's drive...
  13. R56 N16 occasionally pops out of 2nd gear

    MINI Faults & Fixes
    hi all, On the odd occasion I push my little n/a mini hard around a mountain pass or up a hill, it seems to pop out of second gear, both when accelerating or deaccelerating. it never happens at low revs, only above 5500-6000+, and it just pops back into neutral. I'd say its happened a total of...
  14. R56 JCW - Fantastic spec & condition £8,750

    MINI2 Classifieds
    Mini John Cooper Works hatchback with full Mini main dealer service history. Major service carried out by Mini Park Lane 05/2018. Always been maintained to the highest standards, in excellent condition throughout. Brand new Toyo T1-R tyres just fitted along with front Brembo brake pads &...
  15. R56 Radio dead, fuse problem?

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi, My radio as well as the aux input is suddenly dead. The clock in the same display is showing. I checked for broken fuses beside the passenger seat, but there is none.
  16. I am going to buy MINI

    General Discussion
    Hello everyone, In the very near future I have in my plans to buy MINI. I have been exploring some www, forums, youtube tests, and I can't find reliable information regarding which engine type is least problematic. I am looking for MINI r56 from years 2008-2010. I read somewhere that in 2010...
  17. 2007 Mini Cooper S Oil Light Mystery Please H E L P

    Second Generation MINI Cooper S
    Hello mini community, i recently bought this Mini Cooper S 07 after my 03 Mini was totaled outside my house as i slept. so far this car is giving me more problems then any car ive ever owned in my small 20 years (4 cars :P not alot) Ive had my fair share of fun with mini and wanted to keep...
  18. R56 Cooper S 07 radio + headunit upgrade

    Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Hey all, I couldn’t see another thread (but no doubt there is) but has anyone had any luck with headunit replacements with the r56 Cooper s with climate control? Ive seen a few fascia units for sale around showing ability for double din touchscreen units in them but can not find anywhere that...
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  20. 2009 Mini Cooper S - Engine Whine - Oil Pump / Oil Pump Chain?

    Second Generation MINI Cooper S
    Recently bought a 2009 MCS with 145k kilometres (90k miles) from the auctions. It has a noticeable whine from the engine especially when cold - noise reduces when warm. Diagnoses so far include isolating the water pump friction wheel drive to rule out the pump and removing the serpentine belt to...