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  1. MINI Countryman
    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and I own a 2012 Cooper Countryman S with the 184hp N18B16A engine since 2018. Recently the engine has developed a rattle that occurs between 2000 and 3000 rpm while the engine is cold. It does not occur when the engine is warmed up though. I heard that there are...
  2. MINI2 Classifieds
    Hello My Mini has now sold. Thanks for looking - Mods - Feel free to delete this thread as i cannot seem to.
  3. MINI Countryman
    Hello everyone, I got my first Mini last week, a 2013 Countryman One (R60). I've had a look through some previous forums but haven't quite got to the bottom of whether I can play Spotify music through the car via Bluetooth. Any ideas? From reading previous forums, it sounds like connecting it...
  4. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    RE: Interior Trim - Rear Body for 2014 Mini Cooper Countryman | Mini Parts Direct I'm trying to find the rear storage area and am puzzled by the descriptions in the link above on #10 and #11 regarding a "flat load platform". Is this an option? How does one tell if this option exists on the...
  5. MINI Countryman
    I just got a Mini Countryman s about 6 Months ago. I wanted to start doing some upgrades I think it’s a little bit slow. I wanted to start with the exhaust and slowly work my way up to a tune. Does anyone have any good suggestions for brands of exhaust and or types.
  6. MINI Countryman
    Fellow Countryman crowd, I own a 2016 All 4 S and absolutely love it! I have been bouncing the purchase of an extended service contract around my head over the last 6 months. My question is do I really need it right now??? I just broke 35k miles on it a few weeks ago and I just am having a...
  7. MINI Countryman
    Hi, I've recently bought an R60 Countryman 2010 and managed to make quite a few exterior changes. Has anyone managed/tried to swap the main speedo in the R60 Countryman for one of the R60 Sat Nav screens sold in some of the higher-end countryman models of that time? Thanks Toby
  8. MINI Countryman
    I have not been able to find the paint code identification sticker(s) on my 2012 Countryman. It seems the popular touch-up paint web sites only go back to 2014 for the Countryman. I found some YouTube videos which appear to be the same model as my car, but the sticker they show under the hood...
  9. MINI Countryman
    I have a 2012 Countryman Base model and I'm trying to determine if it has adaptive headlights. I'm having an issue with the lighting pattern on the driver side. There is a large section on the left where the light seems to be dim (less bright than the rest of the beam). I just replaced both...
1-9 of 9 Results