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  1. MINI Cooper S
    Is this as loud as it goes in hidden settings? Every time I go from aux to radio the radio volume goes down and won’t go back up, anyone else have this problem?
  2. First Generation MINI Cooper S
    Hi all, I have a 2005 Cooper S with Harman Kardon speakers and the below setup. I bought an aux adapter cable, fitted it but I'm not getting anything when I plug my phone in. Any ideas? Think it may be the resistance of the cable or maybe I've bought the wrong one? Has anyone else fitted an aux...
  3. Welcome New Members
    I recently purchased a 2009 Mini Cooper S Manual 6 Speed. My radio has very low volume. I have looked in the back panel to locate the amp. Unfortunately, there isn't one there.. Did it not come with an amp, or is the amp somewhere else? I am not sure.
  4. MINI Coupe and MINI Roadster
    Hello fello mini owners, Lets start of with this, i own a 2013 Mini Cooper R59 Roadster S Convertible with the Harman/ Kardon sound system. One day all of the sudden the sound stopped coming out of the speakers, but the radio works just fine, (as in i can flip through the menus, change...
  5. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Due to my broken radio buttons, I've just spent 2 hours taking my dashboard apart to remove the speedo and head unit/CD player. While it's all on the kitchen table, and before I send the button/|display unit away for repair, I wonder if it would be straightforward to do a satnav/touchscreen...
  6. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Evening I have a clubman 2009 which has no bluetooth. Have purchased a Jabra Freeway which allows the playing of the iPhone through the cars speakers. Only problem is it needs a vacant FM channel. 88.1. it tells me. I managed to locate and use it once but now it just tunes right past and I...
  7. First Generation MINI One
    Want to do an aux or Bluetooth conversation to my radio. I have purchased the usual aux connector and doesn’t fit my radio as it doesn’t support aux, however my understanding of these is that it makes the radio think that it has a cd multichanger plugged in as apposed to an aux lead. Just...
  8. General Discussion
    Hi, I've just bought myself a 2010 R56 Cooper S, and im looking to install a double din head unit. I know this is going to be a pain, but to make the install even more complicated, I'd also like to replace the cigarette lighter with a USB port that directly links to the USB port on the Head unit...
  9. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Hi! I’m new to the forum and I’m finally an owner of a 2010 Mini One!! however, I am having a few issues! So, when I bought my mini he radio was dead, I then bought a used replacement for it and had it fitted. The radio itself works perfectly fine but I can’t seem to get the Aux to play...
  10. Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi, My radio as well as the aux input is suddenly dead. The clock in the same display is showing. I checked for broken fuses beside the passenger seat, but there is none.
  11. First Generation Interior & Ice
    So, I've just gone and upgrade my R53 radio and got the adapter harness. However there a white connector with 3 wires going to it, but the adapter doesn't connect to it. So my question is what is the white connector used for? (R53 Facelift with steering wheel control)
  12. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Hi to everyone! I'm a new owner of a Mini Cooper S R57 2013 imported from the US to Europe. I have an issue with the radio frequencies that defer from the above regions. In the US you can reach only odd radio stations and in Europe also even. Is there any option that I can change the...
1-12 of 12 Results