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  1. Aux and parking sensors dead?

    Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Hi! I’m new to the forum and I’m finally an owner of a 2010 Mini One!! however, I am having a few issues! So, when I bought my mini he radio was dead, I then bought a used replacement for it and had it fitted. The radio itself works perfectly fine but I can’t seem to get the Aux to play...
  2. R56 Radio dead, fuse problem?

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi, My radio as well as the aux input is suddenly dead. The clock in the same display is showing. I checked for broken fuses beside the passenger seat, but there is none.
  3. what is the white connector on radio harness?

    First Generation Interior & Ice
    So, I've just gone and upgrade my R53 radio and got the adapter harness. However there a white connector with 3 wires going to it, but the adapter doesn't connect to it. So my question is what is the white connector used for? (R53 Facelift with steering wheel control)
  4. Radio Frequencies

    Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Hi to everyone! I'm a new owner of a Mini Cooper S R57 2013 imported from the US to Europe. I have an issue with the radio frequencies that defer from the above regions. In the US you can reach only odd radio stations and in Europe also even. Is there any option that I can change the...