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  1. MINI Faults & Fixes
    Hi everyone, would really appreciate the help! All of a sudden it seems that my central locking has stopped working. I pressed the unlock/mini button on my key but it didn’t open. At first I thought it was the key, but tried my spare and still nothing. it opened manually with the key, the...
  2. First Generation MINI Cooper S
    Problem has arisen in the last week or so on my 2005 MCS. One morning I came out and the car would not disarm or unlock on the key fob, so unlocked with key and alarm went off, stopped it with key in ignition. Tried to lock with the remote that evening, would not work so had to use the key in...
  3. Delivery, Shipping & Order Tracking
    Brand new keyless remote for sale. Unused. Purchased from dealership for $320+ Never programmed Hard key removed Asking price: $250 + shipping costs
  4. First Generation MINI Cooper S
    Just got this 2003 Mini Cooper S manual trans and the first issue I'm facing is the remote locking. What's it doing or what I have done: When I depress the lock or unlock button I can hear the actuator working but none of the doors lock or unlock. Gone through the steps to
1-4 of 4 Results