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  1. Second Generation MINI Cooper
    I have a 2013 Mini Cooper chili sport pack, I have a ‘nav’ screen but no satnav or mini connected capability, I was wondering if it was a software update or hardware that I need to purchase to give me satnav capability? Would it be possible to put Apple CarPlay on? My car doesn’t have Bluetooth...
  2. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    After a lot of searching I’ve seen quite a few people asking on forums about swapping from a non-NAV have unit to the NAV one, and generally been warned off attempting it, but I’m considering doing the reverse. Never going to use the nav, the dvd making noises all the time annoys me, and i have...
  3. MINI Interior & ICE
    Hey guys. Im new here. Around 2 weeks ago bought a very neat f55 one first model (entry trim I believe). I bought it online from sixt in germany for a good price (around 12k Euro). The car is almost not used at all, just 4k km and is 2019 production year. Everything seems great with the car...
  4. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Hi all, I currently have a prefacelift clubman s with the factory nav (believe this is ccc). Does anybody know if it is possible to change to a facelift nav unit (cic). If it is possible what parts are needed to do the swap? Thanks T