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  1. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Due to my broken radio buttons, I've just spent 2 hours taking my dashboard apart to remove the speedo and head unit/CD player. While it's all on the kitchen table, and before I send the button/|display unit away for repair, I wonder if it would be straightforward to do a satnav/touchscreen...
  2. MINI Interior & ICE
    Hi All, first post on here so I’ll keep it short(ish) and sweet. I decided to upgrade my standard boost CD player to a kenwood double din nav unit with apple car play, gps, Bluetooth, etc. What an absolute mare! Wanted steering wheel controls but that’s another day. first off after removing...
  3. Second Generation MINI Cooper
    I have a 2013 Mini Cooper chili sport pack, I have a ‘nav’ screen but no satnav or mini connected capability, I was wondering if it was a software update or hardware that I need to purchase to give me satnav capability? Would it be possible to put Apple CarPlay on? My car doesn’t have Bluetooth...
  4. MINI Interior & ICE
    I’m new here so be nice haha. I have a Mini Cooper S Sidewalk 2008 the sat nav is quite out of date, roads not coming up which have been there years. Can this be updated? Also was told it had Bluetooth capabilities but when I try go to the phone section there isn’t even an add button. Do I need...
  5. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Hi all, I currently have a prefacelift clubman s with the factory nav (believe this is ccc). Does anybody know if it is possible to change to a facelift nav unit (cic). If it is possible what parts are needed to do the swap? Thanks T
  6. MINI Countryman
    Hi, I’m taking deliver of a Mini Countryman SE next month. Have a few questions, will start with something easy. My journeys should be no more than 50 miles per day, usually no more than 22 miles. To get the best MPG with the electric motor, can I input a return trip in to the sat nav and...
1-6 of 6 Results