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    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi, I have issue with my mini cooper d 1.6 (2009 y) when i start car first time in the day it wont accelerate enough car gives 30-40% of acceleration and then i stop car to restart it, after starting car again everything is normal and great. just recently changed fuel injectors and cleaned whole...
  2. TPMS sensor replacement? 2010 Cooper JCW

    Wheels, Tyres & Brakes
    I recently purchased a second set of rims for my son’s 2010 Mini Cooper JCW: 17’s for winter, vs the JCW 18’s it came with. I understand from a search here that the car can only associate to one set of TPMS sensors at a time, and would have to be reprogrammed to a second set. Even so, I’m very...
  3. Cat and sensor replacements

    Second Generation MINI Tuning
    Hello, I've had a P00420 code thrown up by the car - an R56 Mini One 2007 (2/2) - and so I took it to the garage for an MOT to see exactly whats wrong. I was told I need a new cat and two new sensors. The car failed on emissions and the sheet is attached. With this info can anyone tell me...