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  1. N12 idles rough when cold, will not idle when hot. This one is different!

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi everyone, I've got a story for you. I bought a cheap 2009 70k mile/113k km automatic Justa that had previously been overheated and developed a persistent misfire in #2 but still had good compression. Head was pulled and found to have a dropped valve seat along with a displaced rocker (popped...
  2. Mini one won't restart after stalling??

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    Hi, My new mini one (2010) drives really well apart from two incidents where I think I stalled and wasn't able to restart it. Both times I think I went into first gear from second too early when coming into a car park and the engine cut off (without jolting), and then when I tried to restart the...