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  1. Months of n12 struggles

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    So in January I bought a 2007 Mini R56 with the N12 and auto trans from an auction for my fiancé. I buy from auctions a lot without troubles. This has been the only thing to haunt me so far. It needed a timing by chain and I wasn’t worried about it. All that was fixed. She drove it some. But it...
  2. N12 idles rough when cold, will not idle when hot. This one is different!

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Hi everyone, I've got a story for you. I bought a cheap 2009 70k mile/113k km automatic Justa that had previously been overheated and developed a persistent misfire in #2 but still had good compression. Head was pulled and found to have a dropped valve seat along with a displaced rocker (popped...
  3. Mini one won't restart after stalling??

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    Hi, My new mini one (2010) drives really well apart from two incidents where I think I stalled and wasn't able to restart it. Both times I think I went into first gear from second too early when coming into a car park and the engine cut off (without jolting), and then when I tried to restart the...