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  1. First Generation MINI Cooper S
    really odd behaviour with my R53... first time each morning it will turn over but ... never catches. key back to off and try to fire again and starts perfectly. only happens first time in the morning, and the car behaves itself the rest of the day. super weird ... always a problem if I leave...
  2. General Discussion
    Mini One Cabriolet 2005 So renovating a mini one cabriolet, driving ok, parked with a battery not holding charge. 10v for 3 days (before i could get a new battery delivered) Within that time it lost the fob connection, tired the usual pairing, changed the fob battery too nothing it will not...
  3. First Generation MINI Cooper
    Hi, firstly I'm new here and have a very basic mechanical capacity. My 54 plate Mini Cooper has developed a starting problem over the last 3 months. I came out and turned the key and nothing but a single click. I immediately thought battery and bought a new one for £90. I fitted it and it...
1-3 of 3 Results