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  1. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Hello all, new to the forum and pretty new to Mini ownership. Picked up a good spec '09 Mini One last year with sub-53k mileage that we couldn't pass up and it's now my wife's pride and joy. But being an '09 it's showing some age and could do with a few Quality of Life tweaks so looking to see...
  2. Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Looking to install a pioneer double din unit to my R56 and have seen a permanent 12v fused wire is needed either from the fuse box or battery to keep the settings. I’m concerned that as I don’t drive every day, maybe 2-3 times a week usually not long distances I’m going to have a dead battery...
  3. General Discussion
    Hey there I have a mini r53 changed the stereo and only half the speakers work all of them work when I put the standard one in and on the new one it plays and cuts out on the radio. Any idea how u can fix and make all the speakers work ? Any help would be appreciated
  4. First Generation Interior & Ice
    Hey everyone, Have an interesting and frustrating situation, The drivers side tweeter in my R52 Sidewalk doesn’t work - hasn’t worked since I bought it last year, I’ve taken the door card off and removed the tweeter and replaced it with a global parts replacement from eBay - aaaaand nothing...
  5. First Generation Interior & Ice
    I have a 2002 mini one 1.6 petrol. I’m trying to fit an aftermarket stereo. After finding harness that claims it fits my mini, it doesn’t. Does anyone know the correct harness needed to fit this one? Thank you in advanced!
1-5 of 5 Results