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  1. General Discussion
    Hello everyone! I don’t have any questions today, just wanted to post this for the hell of it. Last fall I replaced Letty’s factory original hood stripes - which were all cracked and beat to hell - with a pair of r50/52/53 style ones. I’ve always preferred the look of the 1st gens, so I wanted...
  2. First Generation MINI Exterior
    I’ve been looking everywhere for the carbon fibre with gold mini stripes bonnet and side stripes for the mini r50/r53. The car needs to be refurbished and this is the one piece I can’t find anywhere
  3. First Generation MINI Exterior
    Hi guys, recently got my first car which is a r50 park lane. Wondered if anyone has ever removed the stripe on one before? Want to do it soon but need to know weather I should take it to a mini dealer or other specialist or if I can do it at home, any response would be appreciated 👍👍 Thanks, Sam
1-3 of 3 Results