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  1. TPMS sensor replacement? 2010 Cooper JCW

    Wheels, Tyres & Brakes
    I recently purchased a second set of rims for my son’s 2010 Mini Cooper JCW: 17’s for winter, vs the JCW 18’s it came with. I understand from a search here that the car can only associate to one set of TPMS sensors at a time, and would have to be reprogrammed to a second set. Even so, I’m very...
  2. Tyre pressure warning light (TPMS) did come on, but now doesn't, even with a flat

    First Generation MINI Cooper S
    Hi all, hope someone will be able to help. I recently purchased a Mini Cooper S R53. On my way back from where I picked it up from, an amber tyre pressure light came on, on the dash. I drove to the local garage and inflated the tyres to the correct pressure. I drove home a mile or so away and...
  3. 2016 - Dashcam Fusetap --> showing CEL, Airbag, and TPMS Lights!

    Third Generation MINI Cooper S
    Installed Thinkware F800 dashcam on a 2016 Mini Cooper S this past weekend. Install: Connected the Battery-wire to fuse 42 (for parking mode) and the ACC-wire to 51. Ground to Ground bolt on passenger side panel-to the right of the glovebox. Dashcam works fine BUT the dash is lighting up like...