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  1. R56 2011 Mini One

    Second Generation MINI Tuning
    Hi all, Ive just bought an R56 Mini One 98 (non stop start) on a 2012 61 plate, with 1.6 engine. My question is being the 1.6, is this an identical engine to the Cooper, and can it be remapped without any difficulties to the same performance as the Cooper (around 120bhp)? I just don’t want to...
  2. Instructions on how to tune the radio

    Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Evening I have a clubman 2009 which has no bluetooth. Have purchased a Jabra Freeway which allows the playing of the iPhone through the cars speakers. Only problem is it needs a vacant FM channel. 88.1. it tells me. I managed to locate and use it once but now it just tunes right past and I...
  3. Mini Countryman Cooper SD ALL4 DTUK CRD3+ Tuning Box!

    MINI2 Classifieds
    Hi, I have a DTUK CRD3+ tuning box, all in original box and harness etc which I had on my Mini Countryman Cooper SD All4 (2011) and worked very well! The device gave me so much more grunt,smoothness and driveability of the car. It actually drove like a Cooper S and more MPG!! I have sold the...