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  1. 2010 Mini One R56 Aux not working?

    Second Generation Interior & Ice
    Hi! I have a 2010 Mini One and I’m having some trouble with the Aux/USB. So, when I bought my mini the radio was dead, I then bought a used replacement for it and had it fitted. The radio itself works perfectly fine but I can’t seem to get the Aux to play anything. I tried different aux cables...
  2. 2009 Mini Cooper S Convertible - Y Cable

    General Discussion
    Hi all, I am new to the forum so apologies if this has been posted previously. My Mini has the full USB and bluetooth option, with the standard analog central speedo. I have purchased a cheap Y cable from Amazon and found this does not utilise the iPod media function, only the AUX. Does anyone...
  3. Only 1 USB charging Port in my Mini One D

    MINI Interior & ICE
    Hello! We currently own a Mini One D. Unfortunately, the Mini only has 1 USB charging port. Also, there is no car sigarette lighter port, so we cannot just simply purchase a charger for it with 2 USB ports (like this: minilover DOT be/nl/accessoires/multimedia/dubbele-usb-lader) We tried a USB...