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  1. Driver side window regulator 07 MCS

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    R56 2007 Cooper S My cable has almost snapped on OS window regulator and needs replacing... My window is down about 3 inches and won't go up any further. The cable was stripping and getting tangled. The rest of the regulator is fine, (expect maybe the two bolts holding in the glass want...
  2. Window Regulator Replacement - What is the Blue Disk For?

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    I am replacing the passenger side window regulator on my 2005 MINI Cooper S, but there is a blue disk that confuses me. On the original regulator’s front rail (the one with the motor), there is a blue plastic disk on front rail’s carriage (the traveler that lifts the window). See photo below...