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  1. First Generation Faults & Fixes
    High beam works. main beam and fog lights dont when engine on back lights do fuses all checked xenon lights anyone help please x mini cooper 02 plate
  2. First Generation MINI Cooper
    Hi all. I've found a lot of conflicting info online about the adjustment of R50 headlights, not least because of the differences between halogen and xenon and pre and post facelift models. I have brought my UK mini to Spain permanently (no advice on the sanity of this decision please ;)) and...
  3. First Generation MINI Cooper S
    Can anyone help I have a 55 plate Mini Cooper s convertible and love it but a couple of weeks ago when driving home at night realised the drivers headlight was out. I assumed it was a bulb as had worked before so ordered a pair. When the bulbs arrived I happily fitted them to then find it was...