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£10 Remote Control MINI

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Maplin are offering a Remote Control MINI for £10 (usually £20).link is but you'll have to copy and paste it to your browser as they don't accept direct links :(
Just thought I'd point this out in case anybody missed this offer first time round. One for the kids ? ;)
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I got one of the Nikko ones from Maplin a while back, it was buy one get one free.

Not the same as that though.... anyone ordering one?
I ordered one just after I saw that message. Printed out the page, went up to the Science department of my college, spoke to the head of science, gave him the sheet & asked him to order it for me. (Goes on the end of term bill... without vat (shhhhh))
I also got the buy one get one free MINI's, but like you say they seem different. Me thinks a trip to Maplin is on the cards for tomorrow!!:D :D :D
Second pic is cool skinny :cool: :cool:
The model MINI looks really chunky around the C pillar area......looks good, purposeful.......;)
first one i think!!

great piccis though

bet your having loads of fun with that!:D

bet your having loads of fun with that!:D
Lots and lots of fun:D :D :D

The only downside is i've drained the batteries twice now doing handbrake turns and 180's etc;) :D :D (everything I don't do in my real MINI)
Skinnyrunt said:

everything I don't do in my real MINI
Yeah right... :rolleyes: ;)
I got mine last thursday, only had a play with it for about half an hour because it was a belated birthday present to my friend, who's dying for a mini.

Funny thing was, mine came with a left pull! Although the fix was a quick adjustment of a white lever thing under the front, unlike the months of waiting for a fix for its bigger brothers!!!
Oh yeah, and its a monster with batteries. Cost me £6 to get the batteries, takes 6 AAs inside and one 9 Volt on the remote. As it was a present, couldn't use my rechargables.
supply downunder

How can I get hold of one of these models in Sydney??
Not could always try and buy one of Maplin's Site and see how much it would cost to deliver it!:)
Mini remote control

I have just ordered mine. Can't wait to get it:D :D :D:D:D:D:D
:D Just ordered mine !! I have got 2 of the Nikko ones, but find they don't like carpets much :confused:

:confused: Also I can't find anywhere that sells the upgrade pack for the faster motor :confused:

:D The girlfriend find's it childish, but came home one day to find a driving course set up for us to race round (Red/White won every time !!!:D )

On the look out for a Tamiya style build your own, if one come's onto the market !!!
spanky2k said:
Funny thing was, mine came with a left pull!
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