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‘07 cooper s won’t store the time

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Every time I get back into my car I have to set the time / date. I’ve also noticed that the heater blower although very hot is only giving me a gentle breeze. Could this be down to a faulty battery. I also get a ‘discharge error’ warning if I turn the engine off and leave the radio on
Thanks in advance
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Just some further info. My windows seem laboured, panoramic roof only lifts about 3 mills but won’t open If I give the screenwash a squirt the heater blower goes of completely and also seem to have just a touch of rough idling
Could this be battery related ?
I would check the battery positive and earthing connections first. Especially the earth from the battery to to body. It could well be a faulty battery but I would also expect you to have problems starting the car though.
That’s my confusion. It starts every time but I would say it doesn’t so much fire up but turns over and starts if you know what I mean
New battery fitted. Heater blower back to full power. Clock stays set everything back to normal.
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