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Hi All,

first time posting so bear with poor formatting etc.

So I bought a 2nd hand 06 reg mini one with about 31k miles on, and I'm absolutely loving it. Only problem is the billy basic radio in the car. No aux port, no USB port, just an FM radio. So I'm looking to set up a bluetooth unit to connect to the radio. I was looking at the Journey A10 (can't add links due to this being my first post but it's basically one of those boxes you attach to the inside of your car, pair your phone and radio to and play music through that) however I'm a bit concerned about 2 things.

The first concern is connecting power. My mini has a cigarette lighter port I can use, however when I bought a USB socket to put into it the fitment was wrong? (see first picture for the cigarette lighter that came with the car) so I'm wondering if it's some weird fitment unique to a mini, and if so is there an adapter or something on the market? I've looked but not seen anything.

Secondly, I'm concerned about the quality of audio going from my phone to the Journey A10 via bluetooth or Aux, then being transmitted to the radio (No aux port in my radio so it would have to be done as such)

Any advice on either point would be much appreciated.

Picture of the cigarette lighter (I'm aware it looks like sh!t, but I've not used it and don't plan to):


And a picture of the radio:

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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