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1.6 VTI high and uneven rev at starting

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Hello guys!

I have a Peugeot 308 1.6 VTI(120 hp) and yes I know it's a MINI forum, but tried to get help from Peugeot forums but they didn't really care/could help me. As far as I know, both cars has the prince engine, so maybe it's a good place to ask it.

So the problem is, if I start the car after 10 or more hours it has a habit of break down just after I turned it on, or the other scenario is that it revs up to around 1200-1500 but it's uneven, goes up to 1200-1500 then fall down to 1000 then goes back on again, after I ride it just 50-100 meters it stops and the rev is in the normal stage.

And at the first "bigger" accelerating the car "jumps" once or twice, then it's back to normal and every acceleration from then is normal and smooth. Any idea?
I cleaned the throttle body so I am suspecting that the problem is something else.

Please give me directions or idea,
Thank you!
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