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I recently bought a 2008 Mini Cooper Sport with 50,000 miles on the clock. It's in good condition and runs well (apart from one issue) but I'd like to give it a full service. I plan to use a local mechanic since the local Mini dealerships have pretty poor reputations for over-charging and quality of work.

Apart from the normal, routine service things (oil and filter, fluid and brake checks, etc.) what else should I ask him to do? For example, I was thinking of asking him to replace the coolant and check the timing belt. Is there anything else?

The car runs great apart from one thing. Around 1000-1100 rpm the engine stutters and has a sort of dead spot (especially - but not only - when cold). Would replacing the spark plugs help? I know that these are normally replaced at 60,000 miles but the car is 11 years old (and presumably has the original plugs). What else could cause this behaviour?

Thanks for reading.
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