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Hi all,

I have a MINI Cooper 2006 supercharged engine for sale on eBay here: AS IS Engine Motor 1.6L Supercharged fit MINI Cooper 2002-2006 S | eBay

I took the engine out of this car because I'm doing an electric vehicle conversion so I won't be needing it anymore. When this engine was still being used, the previous owner said that it would shudder, suspecting it to be a broken rod bearing. But when I was taking this engine out, I noticed that the timing belt was jammed, which explained why the car battery wasn't keeping its charge: the alternator wasn't able to turn! The engine also had an oil leak which is a common symptom of a bad timing belt.

That said, I truly do believe that the engine is in good shape, but the engine is sold as-is because of the slight uncertainty. Best offers are accepted.
Note: the oil hasn't been drained from this engine because the drain plug bolt got stripped. It should be an easy task for someone with the right tools.
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