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Clubbing in Miami
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It is nice, but the only reason that I even consider it is due to how the Germans drive. Germans tend to obey the law and use their blinkers. Typically when I get cut off around here it is an American (or foreigner) that does it. If they opened the speed up in the USA, many people would be dead as we Americans are pretty crappy drivers. ;)

Driver education my friend. Also laws need to be toughen to make obtaining a driver's license a difficult endeavor. Unfortunately, here in the USA we have the prevailing mentallity that everyone has the right to drive (In despite of what government tells you about driving a privielege not a personal right), the heavy lobby of the car industry to keep ldriving license regulations relatively lax and the indifference of elected officials.

Another problem is the idea that the driver's seat is an extension of home or office by unrestricted use of cell phones, eating, drinking, reading ,etc.

I believe that most US built automobiles today can handle decently at triple digit speeds (sans SUVs and pick up trucks).

The ingrained mentallity in this country and cavalier attitude towards the act of driving is what makes us look backwards and downright dangerous in comparison to our European counterparts.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts