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17" wheels and tyres

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Hi, I've got a Mini Cooper chilli pack etc..... with the 5 star 16" alloys, I originally asked for the 17" alloys but they weren't available at the time. I’m now ready to buy some 17"'s and im probably going to go for the Mille Miglia revenge 4 (see attached picture) as seen here on the superchips mini one in the news archive but im having trouble deciding on tyres. 1st. do I go for run flats or not? 2nd. if i don't go for run flats is it illegal cos I aint got a spare? any advice would be much appreciated and also if anyone thinks that a different alloy wheel looks better than the revenge 4 im open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance TC.


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It can't be ilegal to run without run-flats or a spare as the standard Cooper has 15" non-runflats and no spare. It does have a repair kit though.

As to my opions on alloy wheels - I don't think you want to hear them!
I checked up on it and I think it was just BMW trying to sell me 17-205-45 runflats at some ridiculous price.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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