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18,000 mile service.

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Hi all,

just wondering if anyone could give me some information on what BMW will do to the car on its 18k service. Obviously there will be oil and oil filter etc... but is there anything major that will need doing. So far ive got

Spark plugs
Air filter
Oil filter
Pollen filter
Brake pads (check)

If anyone could let me know if im missing anything id really apreciate it. You see ive lost the warranty anyway so i was going to buy the parts and let a local chap do the service and put a stamp in the book to show future buyers that it was done just not at a proper BMW place.

Thanks in advance.
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18 K Service are you sure, My first was at 10 K and the next one is due around 25 K ??? :confused:
Well ive done 17500 and it's telling me the next service interval is in less than 1000 miles which would make the mileage about 18500. If it isnt a usual service interval what do they do on the 25k service?

Wouldn't your dealer have a record of the TLC (assume that's what you mean by warranty) and honour it anyway? Got 5500 till my first one so don't know how it works...but knowing what I'm like for paperwork there's no chance I'll be able to find it in 4 years time... (or possibly even 1!!)
Basically the car went to john cooper works in preston and had a lot of engine work done. It isnt just the standard JCW kit that was fitted. Because of this there is no way BMW will honour the original warranty. Because there is no engine warranty there is no need to pay proper BMW/Mini prices to get it serviced at an authorized dealer. Becase of this id like to get all the bits it will need and take it to a local bloke who will do all the work for me.

Is there someone out there who knows what BMW do/check on the cars at the 25k interval?

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