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1st oil change...

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Stopped in at East Bay Mini (Pleasanton, CA) to get an "oil change kit" for my 2018 JCW.

On a whim I took a detour into the service advisor area and asked about getting the engine oil/filter service for my 2018 JCW. Even though the oil is not due to be changed -- on time or miles (just barely over 300) -- I am a firm believer in an early oil change or 3.

Service advisor checked and said he could get the car in so I booked it. Estimated price $89.

Car was moved into the "barn" (service area) just a few minutes after I signed the work order.

Asked if I could go back and take a look at the car on the lift. SA said ok so I went back.

Met the tech working on the car. Not a kid either, but a professional tech 20 years in the business. SA introduced us and we spoke a minute or two. Very nice guy. Then I left to let him finish the job. (He already had the oil draining.)

Of course I left the house without a camera so I have *no* pics of the underside of the car, but it is like I expected. Pretty much all hidden by plastic panels to smooth air flow under the car. The only open areas are where the exhaust system resides.

I didn't think to time the service but the tech was finished in practically no time. And the car was washed.

So what was the "damage"? Oil filter: $22.40. 5 liters of BMW 0w-20 oil: $52.00. (I'm told this is what the factory now recommends.) Labor just $15.55 (!). With tax and fees the total came to just $97.13. I see on the invoice the tech checked all vital fluids and set the air pressure of the tires.

Sweet! Nice to have a handy (10 miles away) place to have to get my JCW serviced. I can buy a car in about an hour. After that my interaction with the dealer is via its service department and parts department.

The engine has fresh oil and filter and ready to rock. And I don't think I was there an hour.
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