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2002 MINI 2 meet

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Any know it's early to start such a thread but when & where is the 2002 MINI2 meet likely to be held :confused:
The 1st met was such a good event we have to have something like it this year :) :)

But where :confused: :confused: :) :)
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I can recommend Duxford imperial war museum as a possible venue. The MGOC used to have their anual bash there and it is a terrific site ! Plenty of aircraft and stuff to look at, and it's just off the M11 and very easy to get to from most places.
OK it's not far from me, but of all the car shows that I have been to which is a lot, it is my favourite venue regardless of proximity.
Usual Suspects

It has been talked about a great deal in chat and the general concensus is that most (nearly ALL) people REALLY REALLY want the next meet to be at Alton Towers :p

It's centrally located, huge car parks (possible area for MINI's?), loads to see and do, plenty of places to stay, what more could you want?!?!?!?!? :D

There are a lot of members of MINI2 that are willing to help organise what is probably going to be a HUGE MINI MEET! ;)

Paul, you know where we all are if you need us :)

Dodger and Dodgeress xx
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Re: Usual Suspects

I am all for Alton Towers, however I like Duxford too as it is only 1h drive from Thetford.

How about fixing a date first, and sort out the location later? :D :D :D
How about arranging the weather too :confused::D :D :D :D
Duxford would be good for me.... and probably for the rest of the Surrey / London crew too.
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