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A friend of mine gave me a 2002 Mini which she took to a festival. The grounds were a bit muddy and obviously this was NOT the car to be driving in that with. Anyways, she made it off the grounds and on the way to the hotel the car made a weird noise that she describes "mud under the tires", she pulled over and checked to see nothing. Got back in the car and put the car in Drive and nothing, engine runs, car revs but it simply did not move forward. She put it in reverse and the same thing. I lived nearby so she had it towed to my place and told me she was just going to get a new car and I could just do what I want with it.

So here I am with a car in my driveway that won't go forward or reverse. She sent me the title so it is all mine at this point. I have been doing some reading and obviously I'm thinking the transmission is shot and given the age of this car I'm probably better off just selling it for parts. It is an automatic and the car shifts into gear modes fine, making no noise whatsoever, but does nothing. I also do not see the EP indicator light on. I got the battery tested and it tested fine and I left it out a few hours and put it back in to maybe "reset" it, but no luck. I am not a mechanic and am thinking if I take it to a dealership I'll just get gauged and I dunno if I am gonna keep this or not.

What does this sound like to you guys? I know it is a long shot, but I would really love to get it running, seems like a ton of fun to drive.

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