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Hi All

Thanks for having me. If anyone has the time to help I'll be grateful. My other half has a 2002 R50 that has done little more than 50k miles. She is very fond of him - his name is Maxwell. My partner has not been well for several years and and Max has not been driven for some while. While he has been sitting there getting stiff and driving him when I can I have needed to replace the power steering unit, and the water pump. At the end of last winter (after I neglected to drive him for a while) Max seized and I paid £2k to have another engine fitted. - I know that you think I am mad but the prospect of driving Max again is what motivates my partner to get well. He is a symbol of her independence.

Now some months on the EP light has come on and the automatic/tiptronic gears don't work. Max still drives ok and seems to work its way up the gears, but very quietly. No charactistic litte jump when you go from reverse to drive, or no sense of gear change as you work up the gears in auto. Tiptronic does not work at all. I've taken Max up to 60pmh, and the revs are by no means screaming. So before I spend more stupid money on Max at the garage looking at the CVT can you offer some advice please?
  • I can pull no OBD codes
  • I have discovered that the battery connection was loose and have now tightened it ( the most likely culprit from what I have read)
  • None of the P,D,N,R red lights come on by the shift (I read that a control unit for the lights will cause an EP signal)
I got my garage (the same ones who put the engine in) to have a look, and they said there were some transmission faults they they cleared but Max was not a viable repair. But, they said they cleared the EP light but apparently never drove it after that and the EP light was still on when i drove it away. I checked the codes tonight - there were none stored. I took him out for a long run and pushed the revs - still no codes. I'm inclined not to believe my garage I'm afraid, and now wonder if there were issues arising out of the engine change they want me to take to another garage.

For a start, how do i clear the EP if my OBD does not pull a fault code?

Any other thoughts would be gratefully recieved before I start on a journey that I can't afford.

Many thanks
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