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Hi All,

Apologies, as I am almost certain this has come up before but I've got a question regarding what I believe is the notorious automatic gearbox in a 2003 Mini Cooper.

I was driving at approx. 20mph yesterday when what I thought was a flat resulted in the car coming to a complete stop. Resulted in The AA being called and being advised that it was 'gearbox related' and had to be towed home. Car is still revving ok and can put it into drive/verse, but doesn't move.

Any advice or idea of the problems and how to go about it would be much appreciated. Having a quick look online this seems to be annoyingly common and possible ridiculously expensive.

The car is an 03 plate, but very well looked after and in almost immaculate condition with only 45K on the clock so I'm more then a little annoyed right now!

Thanks in advance.

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