Mini Cooper One - 2004

This car was purchased as an evening hobby, something for me to tinker with and keep me occupied.

However, with a 3 year old and the arrival of twins, i literally have no time to work on it. Plus, the missus is fed up with it taking space up on the driveway.

At some point the vehicle has had an engine replacement and also its fitted with the stronger 6 speed gearbox. Mileage on clocks is showing 148,000, however I don’t think the engine has covered that much.

When the car was purchased, it had a questionable MOT. Therefore, i decided to replace the advisories on the old MOT and refresh the car, with my intentions to use it on the track as a bit of fun.

I have replaced and had the following installed prior to its last MOT (December 2021 - passed with no issues):

⦁     Brand new Tein Coilovers
⦁     Full change of bushes upfront associated with the steering. Black polybushes, replacement front suspension pin arms. Track rod etc
⦁     Orranje Performance adjustable top mount camber plates.
⦁     Brand new Goodyear tyres.
⦁     New discs and pads front and rear.
⦁     Thermostat and housing
⦁     Water pump
⦁     General service, filters and plugs / fluids
⦁     Archlining removed and stonechip protected.

Also, from the pictures, i went down the path of stripping the vehicle out. I have fitted the necessary resistors into the seat loom so no warning lights appear. There is still a fair bit of weight to remove (drivers seat / airbags).

I have also removed the aircon and fitted the relevant smaller belt.

Visually the car is very clean for a 2004, however roof would benefit from a machine polish. Plus a few age related marks, but overall in good condition.

Bad bits:
The car hasnt been used since May 2022. Reason being, i went out for a drive and the lower shock pinch bolt on the passenger side hub snapped and requires extracting and a new one fitted. I have been meaning to get round to it, however with children i havent found the time. It's not a particularly difficult job, and the replacement bolt is only a couple of quid. I put this fault down to the polybushses fitted. I went for the black series, and the car is firm!

If this is going to be a deal breaker for someone, i can look to get it fixed and will be reflected in the price accordingly.

Worth noting i have increased the ride height on that corner to avoid coilover touching the tyre, so it will be easy to manoeuvre on to a trailer.

In light of the above, i havent got round to MOT'ing the vehicle, and currently SORN. It would need to be trailered away.

In additon, if i was being picky, the rear axle is starting to look a bit tired. This hasnt bothered me, as i was going to fit the lighter r56 version and change over any nessecary parts.

Aside from this, the car is fully functional and been trouble free. The vehicle can be heard running and any pictures required can be sent. Im in no rush to sell, but thought it would be ideal to advertise to gauge interest.

Vehicle currently has a private reg assigned to it, so this would need to be put on retention prior to any sell.

I have a folder full of invoices and service related receipts, however given the cars current set up, i cant see this being much use to someone purchasing it.

Any questions please call or message.